Shezdon Enterprises (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of services from Built Environmental Services to Professional Services.

Built Environment


The core function of the Built Environment is to initiate, plan, execute, commission and maintain all built environment end products. This directorate is also tasked with ensuring innovative, sustainable projects are offered to our clients both in the public and private sector utilizing latest technology including Green Building technology, science including non-conventional procurement strategies and turnkey solutions.

There are three units namely: – (i) Professional Services, (ii) Engineering & Construction Works and, (iii) Real Estate.

Professional Services

This unit provides professional services in the fields of; Architecture, Engineering, Health & Safety, Project/Programme Management and Quantity Surveying. The said skills assist the company in the Project Initiation and Briefing, Concept and Feasibility, Design Development, Tender Documentation, Procurement, Cost planning and control, Construction Documentation and Management, Project Close Out and policy development. The directorate also specializes in Infrastructure Delivery management System (IDMS), Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM), the development of User Asset Management Plans (U-AMP), Maintenance Policies and Strategy and Standard Operating Procedure Manuals for compliance with Government Immovable Asset Management Act 19 of 2007.

Engineering & Construction Works

This unit is split in two portfolios i.e. public and private sector clients; the main objective for this unit is to implement projects, ensure contractual compliance and negotiations, deliver qualitative, within cost and scope, on time, compliance to health and safety projects. These implementations shall be done by ensuring all stakeholders are kept abreast on issues (communication), procurement of resources that are safe and efficient and risk-free environment.

Real Estate Services

This unit caters for an integrated approach for property; facilities and real estate management thus ensuring optical customer satisfaction. This ensures optimized operation; control and oversight of Real Estate thus ensuring immovable asset longer life. Our Facilities Management we strive to ensure professional management and delivery of support services to organizations being serviced, this includes contracted cleaning for all sectors for increased productivity.



The core function of the Support Services is to provide administrative support, monitoring and evaluation, compliance, company financial control, provision of plant and equipment for construction, sales, recruitment, transportation and agrarian activities for the company. It is this unit that ensures we recruite and retain best dedicated employees, administrative and transportation needs compliance to our technocrats whilst planning and executing their duties.

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